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Zed Commando is a 2d soldier management game, where your goal is to clear an island full of zombies.

In game:

-Procedurally generated map with limited ui and art.

-No sound

Planned features:

-Combat based on the soldier gear and zombie level

-On island building mechanics (Cemetery,House,Bunker etc...)

-Giving orders for money to soldiers(Capturing,defending buildings or kill a specific zombie etc...)

-Randomly generated shop system

-Various weapons and items for upgrading your soldiers

-Sounds :)

About me: 

I'm Macimus, an aspiring video game developer from Europe. I'm planning to make games for a living in the future and this is my first game in development. I have practiced C# and Unity in the past year, but I'm very eager to further develop my career in the video game industry if I'm allowed.

Every feed back is welcome :)

Have a nice day!


20190105.zip 32 MB

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